A Poem by Carl Uttley

      Man's Tragic Ambition

      Inspired by her beauty
      our great achievement stands
      the largest moving object
      built by man's own hand

      The name we gave is fitting
      and helped us to believe
      "Titanic" is unsinkable
      a long life she will lead

      The 10th of April 1912
      and "Titanic" sails at noon
      shouts of joy come from the crowd
      but silence follows soon

      Gradually, as hours pass
      our ship increases speed
      to reach New York ahead of time
      an ambition fuelled by need

      The days go by so graciously
      the distance made so great
      as night draws in and darkness falls
      with it comes our fate

      Hushed words we hear in voices low
      and orders from the crew
      with tales of ice that passed so near
      our reservations grew

      "All hands on deck!" the captain shouts
      Mother and Child were called
      and as the sound of water grew
      the bow began to fall

      Screaming heard from every mouth
      was present all around
      what haunted most, and echoes still
      was the deathly silent sound

      And now she sits so elegant
      in oceans blue and deep
      "Titanic's" found her resting place
      where forever she will sleep.


Man's Tragic Ambition was written by Carl Uttley and is used with his permission.

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